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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lens and Needle offers an opportunity to give....and maybe receive as well. Check it out!

lensandneedle.typepad.com is a blog that a close friend to Bryan and Rachel writes.  She is hosting a giveaway of all sorts of goodies on her site.  The entry....a donation to the Charles Benson Memorial Fund.  How awesome is that!!!!  Click on the link and check out the goods.  Be sure to enter by clicking the "donate" button on her page and give whatever you can, big or small, it all helps. Thanks all!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Memorial Service

The Memorial Service for Charlie is set for

Saturday September 18th at 3:00 PM
Chico Seventh-Day Adventist Church

1877 Hooker Oak Avenue

Chico, Ca 95926

Please join us to celebrate the little life that touched so many in his three days here.  Although our hearts still long for his presence with us, we rejoice that he is in the Father's arms and that his story has and will continue to touch hearts and change lives.  

Friday, September 10, 2010

More Donation Options....

The Charles Benson Gumpy Memorial Fund has been set up through US Bank in Woodland, CA.   In addition to the paypal option, there are several ways you can donate directly to the Memorial Fund.

1) Donations can be made directly at any US Bank branch by providing Charlie's name.
2) If you have a US Bank account you can call the Woodland branch at 530-662-9615 to transfer money from your personal account directly to the memorial account.
3) Major credit card or debit card transactions can be made via the PayPal link using email address meg.mcnaughton@gmail.com

You may also send a check to 1414 Irene Dr, Woodland, CA 95776
Make checks payable to: Charles Benson Gumpy Memorial Fund and mark envelopes c/o Cindy Gumpy.

Thank you again and again for your continued prayer and support.

Help pay medical bills and funeral costs

Please consider donating money towards helping Charlie's parents pay the expenses associated with his hospital stay and funeral arrangements. Your assistance will help alleviate the financial burden and allow them to focus their hearts and minds on celebrating the time they had with Charlie.  Click on the link to the right of this post or go directly to paypal.com to give using the email address, meg.mcnaughton@gmail.com. I will be making daily transfers from paypal to the Charles Benson Gumpy Memorial Fund. Thank you in advance for continuing to be a blessing to them in their time of need.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thoughts from Charlie's mom & dad

The most important thing for people to know now is that we are not without hope. God took back he who had always been his. My
son had more love attention and purpose in 3 days than some do in a
lifetime. For that, this father will never cease to thank you all. In
... all truth and sincerity, because our son accomplished so much, not just
in his life but in others, we got to be proud of our son. Still am. So
if you see us and we have a smile on our face, know that it's because
God is still good. He was good to our son, and he's still good to us. Even
if they were the most difficult, they were still 3 of the best days of
our lives. Your prayers accomplished much, even if you may not see it
Thank you more than we can ever express, from Mom and Dad.
Charlie went to be with Jesus early this morning. He took a piece of all of our hearts with him. Continued prayers for the family as we grieve would be much appreciated. Thank you all for pouring your hearts out for this little life. In his 3 days on earth he has touched more lives than many of us dream possible. We praise the Lord always, for he is good, even in the midst of such pain.
I sign off with this quote, "If you want the peace that passes understanding then you have to give up your right to understand".

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

No More Life Support

Now we watch and wait to see the miracle from heaven unfold. Believing Charlie will live! Dr's can do nothing more but GOD CAN DO ANYTHING!!! Believe!